'Akaroa's Most Comprehensive Range of Privately Owned Holiday Rental Homes'
45a Rue Rue Lavaud, Akaroa 7520, New Zealand - Ph 64 (03) 304 8452

The Homes
These properties are privately owned and we therefore ask you to respect this at all times. Please note: Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the homes are of a standard we can not & do not accept responsibility for the condition or standard of the homes. They are fully equipped except for personal linen and food. We can arrange linen hire by prior arrangement.
The majority of our homes have a compulsary cleaners fee attached to the rental.
A selection of homes are unserviced. These homes are to be cleaned by the guest upon  vacating.


  1. Are subject to change without notice especially for main holiday periods.
  2. When a booking has been confirmed by receipt of a deposit, the tariff and house booking will be honoured.
  3. They are based per house for the number specified with a 2 night minimum on non holiday season times and a 3 – 7 day minimum for some holiday season times.


  1. A minimum of 50 % of rental is payable.
  2. Must be paid within 10 days of booking. If not received within this time the booking will not be honored.
  3. All rentals incur a a nightly letting fee of $ 10.00. This is included in the nightly rental and it is non-refundable.
  4. Alteration to bookings made after payment of the deposit but before payment of the balance may incur forfeiture of the deposit paid. At the sole discretion of the owner, if one booking is cancelled but another time booked, the deposit may be transferred to the new time. Please note any changes to confirmed holiday bookings will incur an administration fee of $10.00


  1. We can only accept CASH or EFTPOS, CHEQUE or DIRECT CREDIT for payment of deposit and rental. Payment is possible by credit card but a 4.0 % surcharge is applicable.
  2. Payment in full is required on any property prior to releasing the key.


  1. Bookings cancelled 14 days or over prior to occupancy will receive a full refund less the booking fee and admin cost of $10.00
  2. Bookings cancelled 14 days or less prior to occupancy there will be no refund.
  3. For main holiday seasons the minimum cancellation time is 20 days prior to the occupancy.


  1. Guests are expected to bring their own personal linen, pillow slips, towels and tea towels and toilet paper. These are not provided with the rental..
  2. Tenants are responsible for the holiday home during their stay and are expected to take all reasonable care of the holiday home. This includes returning of all furniture and appliances to where they were on guests arrival and disposing of all rubbish if the Red Yellow Green bins are not provided.
  3. The majority of our homes have a compulsory cleaning fee attached to the rental.
  4. We have some unserviced homes. We expect these homes to be left in the clean condition that they were found. Cleaning products are supplied. If on inspection, Akaroa rental homes finds the unserviced home to not to be left clean and tidy. The tenant will be charged for the cleaning.
  5. Linen can be arranged prior to your stay. Additional fees apply.

Arrival - Standard Homes
Keys are available for pick up from 2 till 4pm at our office at 45A Rue Lavaud,  2.00pm & 4.00pm on the day of your arrival. If arriving after 4.00pm, please advise us, and we will unlock the property for you provided we have received payment in full. If on arrival you are not happy with accomodation you are to notify Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd on arrival. Staying or using property is deemed as acceptance of the property and its condition and services.
Arrival - Serviced Homes
The key will be available from our office between 2.00pm & 4.00pm on the day of your arrival. If arriving after 4.00pm, please advise us, and we will unlock the property for you provided we have received payment in full.Please note if you are unhappy with your stay please notify us. Staying or using the property is deemed as acceptance of the property.

Standard Homes must be vacated by 10.30am  on the day of your departure.
Serviced Homes
must be vacated by 10.30am  on the day of your departure.


  1. No Pets Are Allowed. Except at specified homes
  2. No Tents May Be Erected or Caravans used.
  3. No property may be occupied by more than the Number Specified
  4. No property is to be used for parties, weddings etc with out prior permission of the owner or agent.
  5. Any failure to meet the above conditions the tenancy will be cancelled and you will be required to vacate the home immediately.
  6. Because these properties are privately owned and unserviced Akaroa Rental homes Ltd, cannot accept any responsibility for the condition of any property after the owners or any tenants have vacated.
  7. Where additional amenities such as swimming pools, moorings, dinghy's, BBQ's etc are shown in the brochure as being available, the use of any such additional amenities is entirely at the tenants risk. Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd,as representative of the owner, accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss to the guests or their belongings.
  8. All information contained in this publication including that which is supplied by holiday home owners is believed to be correct at the time of printing. However, all details contained in the publication are subject to change without prior notice. Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd accepts no responsibility for any alterations to the holiday home descriptions or occurrences beyond its control ie. damage caused by exceptional weather conditions, breakdown of appliances, wiring or plumbing, invasion of pests or negligence on the part of the owner causing loss, accident or injury. All information contained in the current publication supersedes all previous issues.
  9. Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd accepts no responsibility to any change in any holiday home and its facilities as stated in the Publication will be available to the tenant. Should events arise beyond the control of Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd and or the owners and render the holiday home uninhabitable (ie. flood, fire etc.) then Akaroa Rental homes Ltd, may be forced to cancel the holiday booking. However, should such circumstances arise Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd, will endeavor to relocate the tenant to a holiday home of similar standard in the same area.Where this is not possible Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd, will refund in full all moneys paid in respect of the booking. The guest will have no further claims against the owner of the holiday home or Akaroa Rental homes Ltd.

  1. The tenant is legally responsible for all breakage and damage that may occur during the holiday and any cost of repair or replacement is refundable to Akaroa Rental Homes Ltd, and/or the owner on demand. Any damage or breakage must be reported immediately.
  2. The tenant covenants on behalf of himself/herself and all their guests staying in the holiday home that nothing will be done by them which would in any way invalidate, adversely effect the validity or viability of any insurance policy maintained by the owner
All Lost property or goods that have been left by the renter and require us Akaroa Rental Homes to find items and then manage return of goods will be charged a $10 service fee. The renter is also required to pay for there own costs of returning the items back to whom ever.

Thanks very much and any problems with understanding the above please contact Teena or Tracey.